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Sponsored Treks

“The most exciting, inspiring and humbling adventure I have been on"

Nepal Trek 2023

We are in the process of finalizing plans for our next Voluntrek experience, coming in 2023.

More information will be coming soon. Join our mailing list so we can let you know when we are ready to applications.

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Take a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to not only trek through some of Nepal's most awe­-inspiring scenery, but to also play a very active and direct part in helping with the post­ earthquake rebuilding process. 

"This trip is like no other: The opportunity to see the most glorious scenery in Nepal, guided by knowledgeable local people, and to give something back by way of project work with the local community"

BEING Sponsored

All the intrepid individuals on this memorable journey will be asked to raise £750 of sponsorship money before their trek begins. We have made this as easy as possible by enabling Facebook Fundraiser tools which means that trekkers can do their fundraising directly through Facebook. 

​There are other options for fundraising (e.g. GoFundMe) but our personal preference is Facebook because we receive the funds directly and very transparently and quickly. Just ask for further instructions when you are ready to set up your fundraising page.

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