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The First Pillar of NERF’s projects is our Menstrual Health Programmes. We deliver these programmes as part of our longstanding partnership with UK-based menstrual cup company Mooncup. Below you will find details of our upcoming and completed projects under this pillar.


March 2016 - Present

Kathmandu & Lalitpur Metropolitan Cities, Kaski, Okhuldhunga & Sindupalchok Districts

In partnership with Mooncup UK, NERF has grown the MHP from a few volunteers to a program that is now training other NGO staff in delivering Menstrual Health sessions. We’re currently supporting two Program Coordinators who are working on recruiting more volunteers and reaching out to new partners to find the most in need beneficiaries and run continued awareness workshops, orientations and distributions.

Mooncup UK provide women and girls in Nepal an eco-friendly and safe option during their menstrual cycles. Challenges associated with menstruation cycles can be a cause of school absence, as well as a financial burden.

Focus Group Discussions (MHP Pilot)

October 2015 & May 2016 (2 days)

Mamkha Women’s Group, Play for Deprived Children Nepal, (PDCN), Mooncup UK

Mamkha Village, Ward 1, Okhaldhunga District

Consistent community feedback was essential for the introduction of taboo topics and new menstrual health options. The initial session was led by PDCN at the local school, where menstrual health and hygiene kits funded by NERF were distributed and an introductory session on menstrual health was conducted.

In 2016 NERF volunteers met with the local Women's Group, where participants led wide-ranging discussions on local issues and were provided with an orientation on and distribution of menstrual cups. In total 39 women attended this workshop, and highlighted issues that have helped inform us on our approach to helping overcome their problems, including agricultural production, water access and health facilities. All intertwining to provide a more holistic picture of the experience of menstruation in rural Nepal.

Menstrual Cup Orientations (MHP Pilot)

March 2016 (2 days)

Gati & Maandra Women’s Groups, Mooncup UK

Gati & Maandra Villages, Bhara-Bise Rural Municipality, Sindhupalchok District

The initial introductions of menstrual cups provided by Mooncup UK began by informing all local stakeholders about the pilot and planned orientation. This included the local government health care worker, local leaders, women’s groups and community members with 29 local women attended the initial orientation. Information and educational materials on female health and Mooncups were distributed, including guides and medical textbooks. The local health post was also provided with materials and Mooncups for later distribution.

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