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our values

Whether operating in the field or in the UK at all times we adhere to our core values.


We work with marginalised individuals and communities and we believe it is imperative that their needs are treated with sympathy and understanding.


We provide current and accurate information on how and where donations are spent on every project and respond promptly and fully to any enquiries regarding our grant-making activities.


We work closely with our beneficiaries and local government, so we are kept well informed on the impact of our project work, and can rapidly address any issues that might arise.


We are regularly in the field, with Trustees personally visiting project sites and putting a human face to the name NERF.

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Grassroots engagement

We source project ideas and long-term objectives from the communities and people whom we aim to help.


We design projects from the ground-up, with local partners and community members involved from the first stage to the final stage, ensuring every project is completed to the satisfaction of all stakeholders.

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