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The Second Pillar of NERF’s projects are our Psycho-Social Training & Treatment Programmes. Below you will find details of our upcoming and completed projects under this pillar.

Phase II Psycho-Social Support Program (PSSP)

Summer 2019 - Spring 2020

Kathmandu & Lalitpur Metropolitan Cities, Bhaktapur Municipality & 8 Districts: Dhading, Dolakha, Gorkha, Kavre, Nuwakot, Makwanpur, Sindhuli, Sindhupalchok

Following the successful and well received completion of the PSSP Phase I, NERF and BYAN are currently conducting the Program Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning, (PMEAL) prior to the commencement of Phase II.


Phase II will include further psycho-social counselling sessions delivered to blind and partially sighted students in 15 government BPS hostels across Nepal. This will be adapted on the basis of the PMEAL findings and assessments made during from Phase I.

Phase I Psycho-Social Support Program (PSSP)

Summer 2017 - Spring 2018 ( 9 months)

Mamkha Women’s Group, Play for Deprived Children Nepal, (PDCN), Mooncup UK

Kathmandu & Lalitpur Metropolitan Cities, Bhaktapur Municipality & 8 Districts: Dhading, Dolakha, Gorkha, Kavre, Nuwakot, Makwanpur, Sindhuli, Sindhupalchok

With Blind Youth Association Nepal, (BYAN) NERF provided psycho-social counselling to over 270 blind and partially sighted, (BPS) students.These students reside in government hostels, often for much of the year, in the most earthquake affected districts. During this process the NERF funded BYAN team completed Educational, Health and Psycho-Social assessments in 16 schools, (2 of which merged, forming 15 in total). The results of these assessments and counselling sessions have provided the framework for the PSSP Phase II currently in the planning stage for implementation during Summer 2019.

This program also included a Pilot project on physical skills and games, delivered by Circus Kathmandu and UK volunteer, Lucy. BPS students were guided by circus-skill trainers to begin exploring their physical boundaries in a different way, with new donated equipment.

Psycho-Social Counsellor Training for the Psycho-Social Support Program

Spring - Winter 2016 (9 months)

Kathmandu Metropolitan City (excluding field-level training)

After an event specifically for BYAN, NERF funded the training of a psycho-social counsellor. A trail-blazing young woman, Parvati Shrestha, in her early 20s and partially sighted herself was selected and interviewed. Hurdle upon hurdle faced the completion of this training including the closing of the original school, a lack of adequate trainers and a long, arduous training regime.


However having successfully completed the training Ms. Shrestha now works with BYAN on a regular basis providing counselling and support to those who are developing and living with sight problems.

Child Rights, Psycho-Social and Sexual Health Workshop (PSSP Pilot)

June 2016 (2 days)

Jershingphuwa, Kathmandu District

After collating and analysing the data gathered in April 2016 the course content for a 2 day workshop was created. The 37 attendees included: Student and Women's Group members, Local Health Care staff and Academic Professionals, Head and Local Teachers, and CAP team members. The topics were elucidated thoroughly and provocatively with many issues coming to the fore and being resolved in a peer-review manner. 


The workshop was led by 2 extremely experienced senior development staff with videos, interactive activities, role-playing, presentations and commitments from the attendees regarding their own personal action points. On the final day the local MP closed the ceremony, handed out certificates and voiced support for the program content.

After visiting a local government BPS student-hostel BYAN and NERF developed an educational intervention package after assessing the needs of BPS students. 7 Students needs were assessed through group interviews students and consulting BPS / non-BPS teachers. The resource room was also supplied with spare equipment. During distribution 3 new residents who were also catered for.  


Materials provided included: digital recorders and audio players, talking calculators, magnifying lenses, braille slates, braille stylus, white canes, new uniforms, rucksacks, and wash-kits. After distribution students were orientated on using the new tools by BYAN's team and the resource teachers. BYAN is continuing to work with BPS students here under Phase i and II of the PSSP listed above.

Adarsha Higher Secondary School, Bhaktapur Municipality

Educational Materials for BPS Students

June 2016 (1 day)

Data Collection Workshops; Rural Challenges & Interviewer Sensitivity

April 2016 (2 days)

Sankhu, Shankharapur Municipality, Kathmandu District

In preparation for the design and collection of a baseline survey for a pilot Psycho-Social, Sexual Health and Child Rights workshop, NERF trained 10 Nepali volunteers from partner organisation CAP Nepal. This capacity building included: data collection basics, rural design and collection challenges, interviewer sensitivity, appropriate locations and contexts for interviewees, risks, counter-measures, best practises for and essentials of safeguarding.

Following the workshops NERF worked with CAP Nepal and the volunteers to develop the baseline survey. Volunteers then conducted baseline surveys in 10 schools across 3 Village Development Committees (VDCs, pre-government restructure).

NERF conducted 2 out of 3 workshops, with the final being conducted immediately prior to the gathering field level data by CAP Nepal.

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