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The Third Pillar of NERF’s projects is our Sponsored Trekking programme. We offer at least one opportunity every year for our supporters to join us on a unique and unforgettable trip to Nepal where we combine a multi-day trek through the Himalayas with the chance to provide hands-on assistance to a vital project in the region.


You can read more about our upcoming sponsored treks here. 

Sponsored Volunteer Trek Projects (VTPs)

2016 - Ongoing

Baglung, Kaski and Sindhupalchok Districts

Every year, NERF and local ethical trekking company Into The Wild Adventure Travels, take an intrepid group of international volunteers / trekkers to remote communities in the Himalayas. Here they can absorb the traditional culture, observe the local wildlife and volunteer for 2 days on projects for which they themselves have fund-raised. Following the project work, expert guides lead the group on a five day trek through the Himalayan foothills.

To date, NERF’s volunteer trekkers have raised over £20,000, which has paid to build male and female changing rooms, 4 new water tanks, and to renovate existing water sources - connecting villages over distances of 5 km with freshwater through high-quality, long-lasting water pipes.

If you are interested in joining a future NERF trekking adventure, you can find more details here.

Shoes for School

June 2017 - Ongoing

Golchi Village, Bhara-Bise Rural Municipality, Sindhupalchok District

NERF has provided funding for shoes and socks for every registered student of a rural mountain school in Sindhupalchok.

Many of these children are from impoverished families who aren't able to afford the luxury of new shoes and as a result are often forced to provide old, damaged footwear for their children, or even send them to school barefoot. 

Shoes for School has two phases: NERF will provide another new pair of shoes to each that registers for school every year. In addition, NERF is rewarding the top girls and boys for highest attendance and highest academic achievement with art materials as prizes to help nourish their creativity.

Receiving a request from the community NERF has also provided cold creams. These help in the winter months when many young students suffer from dry and irritated skin conditions, sometimes leading to permanent damage, due to the cold climate and high altitude. 

Byangjang Volunteer Trek Project (VTP)

Winter 2018 - 2019 (3 months)

Byangjang Community, Ward Level Committee, Into the Wild Adventure Travels

Byangjang Village, Bhara-Bise Rural Municipality, Sindhupalchok District

Continuing the plan for improving water supply while simultaneously extending trekking routes through mountain villages, NERF and Into the Wild worked with trekkers who completely funded another 2 water tanks and over 2 km of high quality pipeline from source to village. Byanjang is one of the highest villages in the NERF working area, and this project overcame several site specific challenges such as multi-user water-rights and location of suitable source tank locations.

On the final day of the VTP, before trekkers left for the main hike, NERF distributed good quality second-hand winter clothes to community members, donated through our UK network.

Sothang Volunteer Trek Project (VTP)

Winter 2017 - 2018 (4 months)

Sothang Village, Bhara-Bise Rural Municipality, Sindhupalchok District

Sothang Community, Ward Level Committee, Into the Wild Adventure Travels

After completion of the 2016 VTP requests came in from other local communities regarding the possibility of extending water supply and services across much longer distances. Sothang community proposed a plan that required over 3.5km of high quality piping and the construction of 2 water tanks; a central tank for use in the village and a 'feeder’ tank high up in the mountains.
Trekkers working with NERF & Into the Wild fund-raised in the UK and then spent 2 days working with community members to build the central water tank.

Continuing a tradition, NERF also distributed clothing donated and transported by the UK trekkers on the final day of the trekkers work in Sothang.

NERF worked with local volunteer coordinators, Into the Wild and UK trekkers to diversify local revenue streams, enhance WASH provisions and open up rarely trodden parts of Nepal In this first ever VTP. NERF trekkers completely funded the renovation of the main village water source and building of adjacent changing rooms for men and women. This project proved to be an excellent experience and has led to the establishment of regular VTPs and other treks higher up in the same region, organised by NERF and Into the Wild.

Gati Pilot Volunteer Trek Project (VTP)

Winter 2016 - Spring 2017 (6 months)

Gati Village, Bhara-Bise Municipality, Sindhupalchok District

Gati Community, Ward Level Committee, Into the Wild Adventure Travels

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