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Empowering Nepalis for the future of Nepal

Through collaboration, kindness and grassroots engagement, we help to facilitate the recovery of Nepal’s most vulnerable and isolated communities.


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The earthquake may be several years passed but Nepal is still ranked in the bottom 20% of countries in the 2019 UN Human Development Report, which takes into account global inequalities the standards of health, education, income, life expectancy, multi-dimensional poverty, environmental sustainability and many other factors.

NERF is now focused on working collaboratively with carefully selected local partners at a grassroots level in order to implement innovative, long-term, community-based solutions to the inequality and issues experienced by the most isolated and marginalised Nepalese communities.

We aim to empower Nepalis to be homegrown catalysts for change who can ensure a positive and independent future for their own country.

We work in particular with groups who are at risk and vulnerable - remote rural communities, women, children, disabled groups and marginalised ethnic groups. We don't want to affect change in each community from an outsider's perspective - we want to help provide the tools, training and resources to allow these groups to become their own agents of change, to thrive independently and secure a positive future for themselves.

The Three pillars

NERF is now raising the funds needed to deliver multiple collaborative recovery programmes designed with Nepalis, for Nepalis.

The ultimate aim of the current UK-based NERF volunteer team is to hand the charity over to locals based in Nepal to run themselves. We work towards our mission by focusing on our Three Pillars.

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