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The Children from Gaati and their Artwork

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

To see the whole exhibition and get your chance to bid for these original pieces of artwork, together with a photograph of the child artist keep Monday the 9th November free and check out

The Trustees will be travelling back to these children's villages 4 days after the auction to start using the funds you've helped us raise directly in these communities.

Timlal Shresht, 12 Years Old, wants to move to Kathmandu to be a Nepali Teacher.

Mona Shresht, Age 13, keen and likely to follow her dream of being a Science Teacher.

Amita Shrestha, 21 Years Old, (Not a typo!) She's their English Teacher, who got involved and helped us help them.

Punam Shrestha, 6 Years Old, hopes to be a Maths Teacher in her local village, (how different children's dreams are, but how relevant!).

Basam Lama, 10 Years Old, Looking forward to driving Trucks, Jeeps and Cars! He dressed up especially smart for the arts and crafts day.

Himlal Shresht, 8 Years Old, hoping to have the chance to learn how to be a Chemist. Though for the moment, he's content with being an absolute terror.

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