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Sad News, but an inspiring message

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

It is with a heavy heart we found out that a friend of Nerf, Yogina Shakya's father passed away while our team were in Nepal, just after Yogina had been helping us coordinate and plan for the future. In the months after the earthquake Yogina was a shining example of people working at the grass-roots level to ease the suffering of their country folk. We can think of no finer tribute to her father than her own performance, both past and present and in her own words;

"The person that has been the most one to inspire me in my life and it was him who taught me the basics of life. He was a simple man with artistic gift. His life was devoted to metal craft, he has made a lot of metal statues, some of them were used to gift people abroad. His life is an inspiration to me, to live independently, to do what you want irrespective of what people would think, follow your heart. He had a rough childhood but he was a great dad. Things he missed in his childhood he fulfilled it for his children. The best part of him to me was his willingness to help others, always ready no matter you know the person or not."

I'm sure you can all see exactly where Yogina gets her altruism from, we only wish we could have met him and thanked him ourselves.

In Memory of a Good Person- May his example continue.

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