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PDCN and NERF in Okhaldhunga District

As part of our ongoing partnership with Play for Deprived Children Nepal soon after the Trustees left the work in Mamkha Village began. Communication by internet is virtually impossible in this village, so we eagerly awaited updates when Arun, (PDCN Chairman) could get to Rumjatar, the nearest 'hub'. Soon after the commencement of the project we began hearing really positive news. Not only had PDCN secured funding and backing from Government and Sports organisations, but they'd managed to initiate the construction of the first road connecting Mamkha with Ramjatar and the wider world. Previously Ramjatar was a 2 hour walk away, and the only nearby hub with access to medical facilities, Kathmandu and the airport.

The sports fields were being constructed as trucks and diggers could now access the site. The sanitation products and educational books had been delivered and were being distributed. The reconditioned laptop we'd donated for the computer room was also being used for sanitation awareness sessions, led by PDCN volunteers in country. The first steps of the wider support and recovery in Mamkha had begun being implemented and every new photo touched us more and more. It's easy to forget the day to day changes simple donations can make in somebody's life, when you're stuck behind a computer screen in the UK and hashing through phone calls on barely audible connections, but...

. . . this is why we do it, this is who we do it for and this, is why we need you.

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