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Next Steps In Mamkha

Continuing in Mamkha we've been working on new concept notes with PDCN and identifying the components NERF will fund, monitor and evaluate and compiling the parts we'll take to donors, (multi-millionaire browsers, please get in touch!).

To begin our work in the community, continue to build relationships and provide a space for volunteers to stay, training sessions/workshops to be conducted and to provide self-governance facilities NERF will be funding a Community Centre. The locals will provide all the labour, each household has committed a minimum of 1 person per day. NERF will solely be funding the materials, be visiting the site, checking the progress and, (maybe) even helping build it through March - April and May. PDCN are currently transporting the goods and beginning construction, the official hand over ceremony will be in March once we arrive. The infrastructure is currently being upgraded as part of the ongoing work with transport, Education and WASH being the first key areas of improvement.

When we return we'll be upgrading the computer lab further . . . do you have an old laptop we can wipe and recondition? If you're not sure it's worth it, please get in touch at we know some pretty good philanthropic computer whizz-kids who love a challenge!

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