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Nepal Earthquake One Year On - Fundraising Action

Today, 25th April 2016, is exactly one year since a devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal, killing over 8800, injuring more than 21,000, and destroying the homes of 3.5 million people. Despite a year having passed since the disaster, rebuilding and recovery has been painfully slow and the severe humanitarian crisis in the country continues. In many places the lack of progress makes it seem like only days or weeks since the earthquake struck.

Over $4 billion dollars was pledged in International Aid to Nepal last year, but the money has yet to be distributed properly; hindered by a mix of fractious politics, poor infrastructure, a controversial new constitution, fuel shortages and the reluctance of the government to allow overseas aid organisations to 'interfere' at the local level.

All of these factors mean our work, as a small charity working on-the-ground and distributing funds directly to local projects and NGOs, is more important than ever, and is why we will be doubling our efforts as we head into our second year in post-earthquake Nepal.

Today we are announcing our first major event of 'Year Two', and a very special one it is too!

On Thursday May 19th 2016 at Nolia's Gallery in South London, we will be holding an auction of exclusive and unique items and experiences, from which all funds raised will go directly to our work with Blind Youth Association Nepal (BYAN). BYAN is a national self-help NGO that aims to promote a dignified life for blind and partially sighted youths in Nepal. The primary focus of our partnership is the assistance and education of blind people (and those around them) with regard to earthquakes.

As our wonderful and widening supporter base now spreads far beyond our London base, we will be listing the items available in the auction on this page for the next three weeks before the live auction date. Please browse all that is on offer, and do get in touch with us at if you would like to place any pre-bids on anything before the live auction. On the day, the 'winner' of each item will be whoever has offered the highest bid - anytime from now until the auction is officially closed on the evening of 19th May.

We will also have a facility for live remote bidding via mobile phone on the night - again, please get in touch if you would like further details on this or anything else relating to the event. As always, deep thanks for your kindness & support.

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