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Girls Sports Day

When a community tells you their concerns it's so important not give false expectations, so now promises where made. However, after hearing that young women were feeling left out of the new volleyball courts built by our partner, (Play for Deprived Children Nepal) we decided we couldn't leave without showing support. So 3 days later we took 23 Girl's Sports Shirts, (donated by a UK now broken up band) down to the school, held a distribution, team photo-shoot and then got onto the school courts.

Many of these girls had never played before and it's a testament to how far and fast Mamkha is moving in terms of gender equality that after an hour or so of my (admittedly limited) volleyball instruction the teachers got out from the class room and were leading and instructing the girls in how to play. Some fantastic photos and I can honestly say it was one of the most simple and rewarding things. I hope I'm not 'betraying my gender' by saying I enjoyed immensely seeing 2 girls teams playing while the boys looked on, slightly bemused.

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