Disaster Risk Reduction Workshop, facilitated for and by our partners, run by volunteers.

Disaster Risk Reduction Workshop, facilitated for and by our partners, run by volunteers.

Volunteer Opportunities

UK Based

Like to get involved without
having to travel abroad?

     Part of building a well-known and respected charity is the work you conduct with your donor community. As part of NERF’s fundraising strategy we’re committed to organising fun, informative and original events in London and St Albans. We’re always looking for passionate, engaged and trustworthy individuals to help bring new ideas to the table and make the most out of our events.

      We’re also looking for volunteers with information technology, social media and research skills to push forward and promote our activities and programmes. If you have these skills or you want to volunteer but live too far away to help out at our events, don’t worry, there are still ways you can get involved!

Simply email a copy of your CV, and brief covering letter explaining what you can bring to NERF:

Please mark the subject as:

International or Nepal Based

Interested in volunteering abroad?
Do you live in Nepal?

We are connected to NGOs operating on the ground and can help you take the next steps of your volunteering journey. If you’re interested in teaching, sports, demolition or reconstruction (we know… quite a mix!) and are thinking of travelling to Nepal, let us know. We’re also happy to provide you with basic advice on the charity sector out there.

We are always looking to grow our Nepal-based volunteer network. If you’re Nepali or you live in Nepal and are interested in volunteering or you have a skill-set that could benefit our programmes, please, get in touch! You never know how you could help.

If you are interested in a Nepal-based or outside-UK international volunteering opportunity, please drop us an email with a brief explanation of your interests and your CV attached:

Please mark the subject as either:   
Int Volunteer’ or ‘Nepal Volunteer

Trusteeship Opportunity

As a charity grows, so does the work and responsibility. To help us develop, implement and evaluate our programmes, we`re looking for Nepali and UK based trustees to come aboard, share their experiences and work with us for at least 1 to 2 years.

The key for NERF is a passion for equality, equity, an ability to commit your time, and a desire to understand Nepal and it's development challenges. Backgrounds in the charity sector will be extremely beneficial (although not essential). Complimentary skills-sets including information technology, fundraising and grant applications are also highly favourable, but again, not essential.

                 If you're interested and would like to know more, drop an introductory email with your CV to: Info@NERFInternational.org and mark the email ‘Trustee Position’

                                   Thank you for taking the time, we look forward   to hearing from you . . .                                                                       Alba, David, Geraint and James                                                                                       The Trustees

                                 Thank you for taking the time, we look forward to hearing from you . . .
                                                                      Alba, David, Geraint and James
                                                                                      The Trustees