We are an independent UK-based charity operating in the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, focused on providing medium to long-term recovery responses following the earthquake of 25 April 2015 and its direct and indirect effects.

NERF was initially funded entirely by the first four Trustees and a circle of family and friends. This has grown into a base of dedicated grass-roots supporters, volunteers & staff in the UK and beyond.

Meet the Trustees

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Geraint John
Geraint co-founded NERF to provide relief to the victims of the recent earthquakes. He is an ardent advocate for the provision of sustainable relief through accountable and transparent processes with the co-operation of regional partners that supply invaluable local insight. Geraint is a UK qualified lawyer who works internationally in human rights and development. He brings legal and policy-based knowledge and expertise to the board of NERF.

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Alba Gomez
Alba believes in the positive impact of development aid and the need for long term support to communities affected by humanitarian crises. She joined NERF to help the affected populations of Nepal in close co-operation with local partners & communities. Alba has an academic background in international studies and diplomacy and works in the development sector. She currently works in the development team of a think tank aiming to build coalitions for change and promote informed debate about Europe’s role in the world.

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David Morrall
David believes in altruism as the highest philosophy. His passion for international development combined with on-the-ground experience is the driving force behind his involvement with NERF. He first arrived in Nepal researching grassroots micro-finance schemes in collaboration with BASE and the Shiva Foundation. In Nepal during the earthquake, he couldn’t turn away from helping the most vulnerable and affected people, many of whom have become his friends and the proponents of community-led recovery efforts and future developments.

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James Tennet
James believes strongly in universal equality, and the shared innate human responsibility to assist those in need: a need that’s never so important as during natural disasters and the subsequent humanitarian crises. James first trekked Nepal in 2008 - igniting his ongoing love for mountains and outdoor adventure - and recalls fondly the welcoming kindness of the local people. James works for a charity that enables non-profits to be stronger and more effective through the provision of a global network for fundraising, resource mobilisation and philanthropy.

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Amanda Weisbaum
Amanda brings huge experience to the NERF Trustee Board. She has over 15 years senior management experience of humanitarian interventions in complex environments around the world. Her humanitarian work started in Bosnia-Herzegovina between 1996-98, working with both the Sarajevo Orphanage and then the OSCE. From there she went to work on-the-ground during first phase emergencies with Medecins sans Frontieres, Save the Children, War Child and ActionAid. In 2017 she was appointed as the MSF-UK Association International General Assembly Representative.

Want to join our Trustee team?

Currently we are a team of five trustees based in Europe with a number of volunteers based in the UK and Nepal. We are looking to add a new member to our Board of Trustees in order to help us with strategy, governance and fundraising. 

We are looking for a trustee with:

  • an interest in community based approaches to development that allow beneficiaries to choose whether and how they wish to receive assistance;

  • experience in the submission of donor grant applications;

  • an affinity for our mission; and

  • knowledge of/experience in the charity sector, healthcare or education.

The role requires monthly meetings via Skype as well as annual meetings in person in the UK when possible.

We also run a sponsored trek programme at least once annually for which we need a trustee who is interested in helping manage the treks on the ground in Nepal. Consequently, experience in handling groups would be beneficial as well as the desire and availability to join us on our altruistic adventures. We are particularly interested in adding a Trustee based in Nepal or with Nepali heritage to our team, although all applications will be considered.

Please send an email to info@nerfinternational.org if you are interested in this great opportunity to receive more information, including the Terms of Reference.

Friends of NERF

We’d like to mention the growing community of people who are kindly volunteering their knowledge, skills, time and effort to help us achieve our mission.

'Giving back is a key element to maintain peace and harmony in world. Some of us (Nepalese) were lucky enough that we not just survived but we were also safe and our home was intact, which is not the case for most of the earthquake affected people. Reaching them and helping them is a way to give thanks for the second life I have got.'

'Giving back is a key element to maintain peace and harmony in world.
Some of us (Nepalese) were lucky enough that we not just survived but
we were also safe and our home was intact, which is not the case for
most of the earthquake affected people. Reaching them and helping them
is a way to give thanks for the second life I have got.'

Yogina Shakya

An independent volunteer and young professional, Yogina first collaborated with NERF trustees on a project with BASE. Yogina fundraised and delivered relief in the immediate aftermath of the earthquake, exemplifying the kind of person we're proud to know. She cultivated the contacts and arrangements to get us to Gaathi. Her forthright, intelligent advice and cultural insight has always helped us along the way. Her genuine personality is greatly appreciated, as is her polite amusement and advice regarding some of our Western concepts or approaches while dealing with things on the ground in Nepal. We're looking forward to continuing to work with her in the future, especially as NERF keeps growing - we need all the like-minded friends we can get!

Volunteer Birbal, Host Family & Co.JPG

Beebal Singh Limbu

A trekking guide, independent volunteer, humanist and naturalist, who has dedicated his life to helping those of his countrymen who are most in need. His care for people and the environment sparked a mutual understanding with us very early on. His down to earth and community focused approach is wonderful to work with. Connecting us with local community groups, providing local knowledge, as a guide, translator and all-round 'Guru' - you could ask for none finer! His assistance in arranging and facilitating our activities has been vital and we wouldn’t be able to run our sponsored trekking programme without him!

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Haley McHaffie

A teacher, technician and artist, following an initial self-funded trip to Nepal, Haley arranged donations from Ark Academy, planned art activities, brought the materials and taught the lessons, (plus carried a lot of things up mountains!). Upon return to the UK, this led to an amazing fundraising event which greatly benefitted from her design skills to create the final pieces, photographs and exhibition space, resulting in a total of over £2000 raised. From her private photographic works from Nepal she has donated nearly all the proceeds to NERF, covering the the costs herself. More art activities, events and exciting creative collaborations are in the pipeline.

Interested in getting involved? Please just drop us an email at:
We're always keen to hear from like-minded individuals and organisations.