Below you will find details of projects we HAVE ALREADY COMPLETED.

For details of projects and activities that we ARE CURRENTLY WORKING ON, please see this page.

Project: NERF 2016 Sponsored Rebuild & Trek Programme
Date: 18th - 28th November 2016
Location: Gaathi VDC, Sindhupalchok District, Nepal

From 18 – 28 November 2016, eleven adventurous and altruistic individuals joined three of our trustees out in Nepal. The aim: To raise funds and provide hands-on assistance rebuilding some much-needed infrastructure in Gati village - one of our main partner villages in the Sindhupalchowk region of Nepal.

The entire village (roughly 120 households) uses one water source for daily chores; to wash clothes, dishes and themselves – it is a vitally important part of the community. However, there have been two major issues: A lack of water during the dry months, and no privacy to get changed. Our aim was to solve both issues by excavating a new water storage tank and building separate male and female changing rooms.

The trekkers raised an astonishing £8000+ in sponsorship funds - we can't thank them enough for their huge efforts and incredible kindness. This was more than enough funds to complete the two planned projects, so we will be using the excess money on other vital projects in the region.

For the majority of the tour, we were camped high up in the mountains next to Gati village - we spent two days providing hands-on reconstruction assistance to the local villagers and the remaining time trekking through the breathtakingly beautiful landscapes of the Himalayan foothills. 

We have published a detailed blog of the whole trip here.

The trekkers had a great time and have provided some brilliant feedback including:

Experience of a lifetime.

A very genuine and connected experience. NERF created a supportive atmosphere for both the trekkers and the communities we helped with the project. We all felt like part of one big team. Stunning views, wonderful hospitality, delicious food, and cosy evenings around the camp fire. Couldn’t have asked for more.

If you want to give some of your time to help the people that matters, get out of your comfort zone and walk where no other tourists are walking then choose NERF.

This trip has gone straight to the top of my best travelling experiences.

An amazing personal experience with the added bonus of giving help where it is so badly needed.

The most exciting, inspiring and humbling adventure I have been on yet. Together with our tour guide, NERF gave us a really unique opportunity to help communities and explore Nepal, away from the busy industry and crowds of the cities.

I feel happy to have been a part of it as I had the chance to meet incredible people, learn from the culture and life-philosophy of Nepal, work for a great cause helping others in need and experience the Nepali wilderness.
— Various Trekkers - NERF Rebuild & Trek Programme 2016

We are already planning our 'Rebuild & Trek' programme for 2017. Full details will be available on the website in early 2017 - if you would like to speak to one of our trustees about the trip, please contact

Project: Completion of Psycho-Social Counsellor Training for the Blind and Partially Sighted, (BPS) Training
Partners: Blind Youth Association Nepal
Date: March - October 2016
Location: Kathmandu Training Centre with Modules in the Field

After an event specifically for BYAN we funded the training of a psycho-social counsellor. A trail-blazing young woman, Parvati Shrestha, in her early 20s and partially sighted herself was selected and interviewed. Hurdle upon hurdle faced the completion of this training including the closing of the original school, a lack of adequate trainers and a long, arduous training regime. However having successfully completed the training Ms. Shrestha now works with BYAN on a regular basis providing counselling and support to those who are developing and living with sight problems.

Project: Flood Defence Program
Partners: Nepal Gaja Development Foundation, Local Community, District Soil Conservation Office, District Development Office
Date: August - December 2016
Location: Ward 2, Lekhani VDC, Baglung District, Nepal

After the shocking floods of the 2016 Monsoon we reached out to our donors and they responded with fantastic generosity. Through our network of contacts we found and vetted a new partner, Nepal Gaja Development Foundation who were in the process of responding to the floods. Through our new partner and donors we were able to help fund the a new Gabion Wall to help defend a vulnerable stretch of vital roadway, prone to flooding and landslides. This project has provided employment, skill development and long-term disaster risk reduction in a new district with colleagues we are looking to continue working with. The project was reviewed and signed off by the local community via the social audit, (included in the photographs below).

Project: Disaster Risk Reduction, (DRR) Workshop and Networking Day
Partners: Blind Youth Association, Children's Partner Nepal, DRR Consultants
Date: 6th June 2016
Location: Sukedhara, Kathmandu

Working with DRR consultants donating their time we organised a workshop exploring development work in a post- and pre-disaster context. The aim was to orientate our partners on fundamental approaches to disaster risk reduction and allow an opportunity for networking between partner organisations. Attendees including board and executive members of both organisations and Blind and Partially Sighted, (BPS) members of BYAN. Sharing learning and building relationships  bringing together our partners resources and our connections on the ground. If you work in Nepal, and/or have a skill set that may be relevant and would like to connect and donate your time and knowledge, please email with a short introduction.

Project: Child Rights, Psycho-Social and Sexual Health Workshop
Partners: Children's Partner Nepal, (CAP)
Date: 4th and 5th of June 2016
Location: Sunrise Hotel, Jershingphuwa, Kathmandu Valley

After collating and analysing the data gathered in April the course content for a 2 day workshop was created. The 37 attendees included: Student and Women's Group members, Local Health Care staff and Academic Professionals, Head and Local Teachers, and CAP team members. The topics were elucidated thoroughly and provocatively with many issues coming to the fore and being resolved in a peer-review manner. The workshop was led by 2 extremely experienced senior development staff with videos, interactive activities, role-playing, presentations and monitorable commitments from the attendees regarding their own personal action points. On the final day the local MP closed the ceremony, handed out certificates and voiced supportive messages to the attendees.

Project: Material Educational Support to Blind and Partially Sighted, (BPS)Students
Partners: Blind Youth Association Nepal, (BYAN) and Adarsha Higher Secondary School
Date:  3rd June 2016
Location: Adarsha Higher Secondary School, Bhaktapur, Kathmandu Valley

After conducting a visit to a local government BPS student hostel BYAN and NERF collaborated on developing an educational intervention package after seeing the conditions BPS students were studying in. 7 Students needs were assessed by performing a group interview with the BPS students themselves, consulting BPS and non-BPS teachers, the resource room was also supplied with some spare equipment. By the time of distribution the hostel had 3 new members who were also catered for, with 1 student's decision to return to education uncertain. We hope our intervention will encourage them to come back. Materials provided included: digital recorders and audio players, talking calculators, magnifying lenses, braile slates, braile stylus,white canes, new uniforms, rucksacks, and wash-kits. After distribution students were helped to get acquainted with the new tools by BYAN's team and the resource teachers. The Principle, an extremely compassionate and cooperative women will be following up on the use, benefits and any issues or challenges faced from the materials provided together with BYAN.

Project: Mooncup Introduction, and Focus Group Discussion with Women's Group
Partners: Play for Deprived Children Nepal, Mamkha Women's Group, Yogina Shakya
Date: 21st May 2016
Location: Mamkha VDC, Okhaldhunga District,  Mid-East Nepal

Continuing our Mooncup program we visited the local Women's Group and invited young women to attend a general discussion on local issues and an orientation on the Mooncup program. In total 39 women attended the workshop, and highlighted issues that have helped inform us on our approach to helping overcome their problems, including agricultural production, water access and health facilities. A further 7 women took Mooncups and we're looking forward to meeting with them again. We also provided the local women's group leader with a female health book for use by the women's group.

2017 Update: As the Kathmandu based Menstrual Health Team is being developed to respond to the local communities feedback we're staying connected with these women's groups via our Nepali volunteers and partner organisations.

Project: Follow Up Data Collection Workshop; Interviewer Sensitivity
Partners: Children's Partner Nepal (CAP) Local Volunteers
Date:  16th April 2016
Location: Bhagyaodaya School, Sankhu, Kathmandu Valley

Prior to field collection of data a follow up session detailing the risks, counter-measures, processes and behaviour while interviewing children was conducted by NERF. Using lessons learnt from PLAN Internationals CPie procedures we collaborated with CAP on orientating volunteers on the potential issues, counter-measures and best practises. CAP Nepal translated much of the material into take home resources for volunteers providing long-term reference for future data gathering. Together with CAP Nepal we then designed the data collection questions to provide highlighting answers without inappropriate probing of sensitive issues. This was the 2nd of 3 orientations for volunteers, with the final being conducted by CAP immediately prior to volunteers proceeding to gather field level data from 10 schools in 3 VDCs for our Psycho-Social, Sexual Health and Child Rights Workshop.

Project: Rural Data Collection Workshops
Partners: Children's Partner Nepal (CAP), Local Volunteers
Date: 14th March 2016
Location: Bhagyaodaya School, Sankhu, Kathmandu Valley

In preparation for the design and collection of a baseline survey for a pilot Psycho-Social, Sexual Health and Child Rights Program we trained 10 volunteers on basic data collection, design and challenges in the rural context. With a presentation, activity, handouts and takeaway resources the immediate response was very positive and the support for future training and implementation is currently ongoing. Together with CAP Nepal and the volunteers we'll be orientating on and designing the actual baseline survey in the next few weeks and collecting the data following the consolidation session.

Project: MoonCup Introduction and Orientation Workshop
Partners: MoonCup, Gaathi Women's Group and Yogina Shakya
Date: 13th March 2016
Location: Gaathi Health Post, Gaathi VDC, Sindhupalchok

The trial phase of our MoonCup Program began with informing all the local stakeholders about the program and the orientation on Sunday the 13th. This included the VDC Female Health Care Worker, Community Leaders, Gaathi and Maandra Mother's Groups and local Young Women. 29 local women attended the training and took away educational materials regarding MoonCups. The Health Care Worker and Gaathi Women's Group were provided with feedback notebooks and new Women's Health Manuals. 7 women took the first step in introducing the MoonCup, and the Health Post has been equipped with MoonCups and handouts regarding their use for the following weeks.

2017 Update: Following feedback from the field we are developing a Kathmandu Team including a Health Worker to continue visits to the field and support this program and delivering more Mooncups to the site.

Project: Donating educational materials at a Universal Children's Day event, 
Partners: Children's Partner Nepal, CAP
Date: 21st November 2015
Location: Baira Mahadev School, Ward 4, Shankharapur VDC, Kathmandu

Pooling resources with one of our local NGO partners, CAP Nepal, we supplied 65 students a school in a severely earthquake-affected area new stationery and schoolbags, replacing their lost belongings. This was our first field visit to the area and is part of the first phase of our ongoing project with CAP Nepal.

Project: Ongoing support in Gaati and Mandra villages
Partners: Nepali volunteers, Gaati 9 Village Coordinator
Date: 17th - 19th November 2015
Location: Gaati & Mandra Villages, Gaati 9 & Gaati 7 Wards, Gaati VDC, Sindhupalchowk, Nepal

Returning to Gaati VDC we delivered reconditioned laptops, warm clothing, educational books, school materials and literature to Gaati Village and Mandra Village. We also ran activities including English lessons and raffles; bringing entertainment and learning together. With our Nepali volunteer friends and the community coordinator we began planning the next stage of our program; the construction of a Library and Learning Centre (more details to follow).

Project: Art Auction and Photography Exhibition
Partners: The Core Space at Nolia's Gallery,  HayMac Photography
Date: 9th November 2015
Location: 60 Great Suffolk Steet, Bankside, London SE1 0BL 

A wonderful team effort from the Core Space, Nolia's Gallery, HayMac Photography, friends and family. We exhibited the children's work from Gaati and Maandra villages ( in an exhibition space donated by philanthropists Gillian and Nolia). Each piece of work came with a photograph of the artist and personal information about the child. With great social media attention we managed to nearly double our target and raise just under £2000, even selling some off the exhibits! All of the funds will be spent solely on the communities the child artists come from, creating a direct link between the artwork, the donors and the beneficiaries.

Project: Educational Capacity Building Workshop 
Partners: Backwards Society Education(BASE)
Date: 28th July 2015
Location: BASE Project Office, Tulsipur 6, Dang District. Nepal

Bringing together resources and staff from the UK with senior education staff from our partner BASE, we looked at the challenges and best practices facing education staff from different countries. Educational material resource books and cd-roms were also sourced and donated through Ark Academy's staff, providing go-to guides for dissemination in BASE's many target schools. Of particular interest to the BASE team was the model of mutual student/teacher evaluation while the UK staff gained insight into the similar but harsher educational challenges faced in Nepal, with useful information exchanged on both sides.

Project: Creative art lessons for earthquake affected children and teachers
Partners: Backwards Society Education(BASE), independent Nepali volunteers and Ark Academy Wembley
Date: 25th and 26th July 2015
Location: Gaati & Mandra Villages, Gaati 9 & Gaati 7 Wards, Gaati VDC, Sindhupalchowk, Nepal

We got teachers and kids together to learn, develop and enjoy school in places where education is not always enjoyable and children have suffered psycho-socially from the earthquake. The children were provided with paints, pens, paper and other art materials and encouraged to express themselves through self-portraiture. The children kept one set of their work and another set are going to be exhibited by NERF back in the UK and used to raise funds for other projects in Nepal, promote continued awareness of the situation in Nepal, and build international relationships.

Project: Educational materials donated to two earthquake affected schools
Partners: Backwards Society Education (BASE), independent Nepali volunteers and Ark Academy Wembley
Date: 26th and 27th July 2015
Location: Gaati & Mandra Villages, Gaati 9 & Gaati 7 Wards, Gaati VDC, Sindhupalchok, Nepal

We helped provide educational materials to rural mountain villages badly affected by the earthquake and had little or no materials to help children learn. Materials provided included:

  • Acrylic paints

  • Acetate sheets

  • Scientific calculators

  • Coloured biros

  • Colouring pencils

  • Highlighters

  • Pencils

  • Rulers

  • Rubbers

  • Sharpeners

  • Pencil Cases

Project: Capacity building workshops covering entrepreneurship, project management and funding mobilisation
Partners: Backwards Society Education (BASE) and Professor Sean Watts, Yonsei University
Date: 15th and 16th August 2015
Location: Royal Heritage Hotel, Durbar Square, Kathmandu, Nepal

In collaboration with Professor Sean Watts from Yonsei University in South Korea, we delivered two workshops (for both the 'business' and 'not-for-profit' sectors) aimed at providing expert advice for rebuilding and enhancing Nepali business and development. We sponsored attendees from marginalised communities and provided in depth take-home resource materials to all attendees and many members of our partner organisation and marginalised communities who were unable to attend. The event also facilitated networking between different local NGOs and international volunteers.

Project: Donation to Sattya Media Arts Collective to support two ongoing projects
Partners: Sattya Media Arts Collective, All Hands Volunteers
Date: 20th June 2015
Location: Central Kathmandu

Donated funds, helping provide art materials and food to two ongoing projects created and implemented by Sattya Media Arts Collective and All Hands Volunteers. As part of the "50 Homes" All Hands Volunteers are building homes across several sites in the Kathmandu Valley (including Halchowk, where NERF visited) while Sattya is mobilising local volunteers artists to decorate and humanise the new temporary shelters. Together they are also providing a welcome distraction and helping ease displaced communities by screening films, cartoons and documentaries in the IDP camps themselves and providing snacks and treats for the whole family.