Below you will find details of the projects we are currently working on.

For details of projects and activities that we have already successfully delivered, please see this page.

Project: Sponsored Trekking Projects
2016 - Ongoing
Baglung, Kaski and Sindhupalchok Districts,

Every year, NERF and local ethical trekking company Into The Wild take an intrepid group of international volunteers and trekkers to remote communities in the Himalayas. Here they can absorb the traditional culture, observe the local wildlife and volunteer for two days on projects for which they themselves have raised funds. Following the project work, expert guides lead the group on a five day trek through the Himalayan foothills.

To date, NERF’s volunteer trekkers have raised over £20,000, which has paid to build segregated changing rooms, four new water tanks, and to renovate existing water sources - connecting villages over distances of 5km with freshwater through high-quality, long-lasting water pipes.

If you are interested in joining a future NERF volunteer trekking adventure, you can find more details here.

Project: Shoes for School
Duration: June 2017 - Ongoing
Location: Golchi Village, Bhara-Bise Municipality, Sindhupalchok District

Using the funds supplied by our generous supporters, we arranged for 61 children who attend two schools near remote Golchi village (in Sindhupalchowk) to receive a brand new pair of shoes and two pairs of cotton socks each. 

Many of these children are from impoverished families who aren't able to afford the luxury of new shoes and as a result are often forced to provide old, damaged footwear for their children, or even send them to school barefoot. 

This project has two phases: We have agreed to provide another new pair of shoes to each of the children as long as they end the school year with a high attendance record. In addition, we are rewarding the top girls and boys for highest attendance and highest academic achievement with art materials as prizes to help nourish their creativity.

We have also supplied the same schools with cold creams, which will be very helpful in the winter months at the end of the year when many of the children suffer from dry and irritated skin conditions due to the cold climate and high altitude. 

Project: Psycho-Social Support Program (PSSP)
Date: Spring 2017 - Ongoing
Location: Adarsha School, Bhaktapur

Following the successful completion of psycho-social training by our BPS counsellor and a trial period of providing counselling in a drop-in style context at Blind Youth Association Nepal’s head office, we are implementing a program that will investigate the educational, physical and mental health, needs and daily life situation of BPS students in rural hostels and schools. Many of whom are far removed from family members and their traditional homes. We’ve gained deep qualitative data to support the next phase of the program.

2019 Update: The PSSP will be expanded to deliver educational materials and continued psycho-social counselling, as well as physical awareness and skill training. This is a multi-phase operation, with funding secured for this phase. Roughly £10,000 has been earmarked to provide educational materials, circus-skills training psycho-social counselling. However, we are hoping to build it bigger and better, potentially with the right funding and partners, we can take it nationwide.

Project: Menstrual Health Program, (MHP)
Date: March 2016 - Ongoing
Location: Kathmandu and Lalitpur Municipalities / Kaski, Okhuldhunga, and Sindupalchok Districts

In partnership with Mooncup Ltd NERF has grown the MHP from a few volunteers to a program that is now training other NGO staff in delivering Menstrual Health sessions. We’re currently supporting two Program Coordinators who are working on recruiting more volunteers and reaching out to new partners to find the most in need beneficiaries and run continued awareness workshops, orientations and distributions.

Mooncup Ltd provide women and girls in Nepal an eco-friendly and safe option during their menstrual cycles. Challenges associated with menstruation cycles can be a cause of school absence, as well as a financial burden.

2019 Update: Together with a PhD student from the UK NERF has piloted a ‘Food-for-Thought’ style session. Cooking together to create a hospitable and safe environment to prompt conversations around cooking, women’s experiences and health.