Below you will find details of the projects we are currently working on.

For details of projects and activities that we have already successfully delivered, please see this page.

Project: Community Water Source Rebuilding and Renovation
Date: November 2017
Location: Sothang, Gaathi VDC, Sindupalchok

After the success of last years sponsored trek we will be increasing the scope of the work by volunteers after requests from a village within our original working area. In response to an urgent lack of suitable or sufficient water sources volunteers from NERF will work hand in hand with local people to build a new water source, running pipes from a considerable distance away from the practically non-existent water source within the village proper. You can learn more about this project and download the pdf here: Nepal Trek and Volunteer

Project: Youth Vision Women's Health & Mooncup Program
Date: Autumn 2017 - Spring 2018
Location: Kathmandu

Working with a nationally recognised charity with a in depth experience of working with drug affected and trafficked adults we will be introducing a health program for their most vulnerable female beneficiaries. Collaborating with outreach workers to provide information, guidance and workshops on female health, especially alternative menstrual products, (Mooncups). At the pilot stage we are expecting this program to reach between 10 - 15 beneficiaries, after which we are hoping to scale up the intervention based on feedback from all the involved stakeholders in 2018.

Project: Blind and Partially Sighted (BPS) Outreach Program
Date: Autumn 2017 - Spring 2018
Location: 15 Schools across 11 Districts

Our largest program to date, working with BYAN a team will travel to BPS Youth Hostels across 15 government schools where BPS students reside, away from their families and homes. Our trained counsellor will work with young students to explore and provide guidance on the psycho-social, education and health challenges they face in their daily lives. We expect this program to reach 265 beneficiaries and it will provide the qualitative and quantative basis for our future grant applications at a much larger scale to support even more students in the future.

Project: Shoes and Socks for Students
Date: June - December 2017
Location: Golchi Village, Sindhupalchok

Using the funds supplied by our generous supporters, we arranged for 61 children who attend two schools near remote Golchi village (in Sindhupalchowk) to receive a brand new pair of shoes and two pairs of cotton socks each. 

Many of these children are from impoverished families who aren't able to afford the luxury of new shoes and as a result are often forced to provide old, damaged footwear for their children, or even send them to school barefoot. 

This project has two phases: We have agreed to provide another new pair of shoes to each of the children as long as they end the school year with a high attendance record. We have also supplied the same schools with cold creams, which will be very helpful in the winter months at the end of the year when many of the children suffer from dry and irritated skin conditions due to the cold climate and high altitude. 

Project: Blind and Partially Sighted, (BPS) Students Support Program
Date: Spring 2017 - Ongoing
Location: Adarsha School, Bhaktapur

Following the successful completion of psycho-social training by our BPS counsellor we will be developing a program that will investigate the challenges, needs and daily life situation of BPS students in rural hostels and schools. Many of whom are far removed from family members and their traditional homes. We will be looking to gain deep qualitative information to support a future material intervention at the cross-district scale in late 2017. 

Post Field Trip Update: After further counselling sessions and exploring the situation for BPS students at Adarsha Higher Secondary School, (our pilot BPS hostel) we are beginning a psycho-social, education  and health counselling program for 10 students residing inside the government school hostel. This will be an effort to develop the confidence, self-belief and environment of care and attention for these students, some of whom's best functioning support network is within the school itself.

Project: Pilot Drug Awareness Film for National Campaign
Date: April 2016 - Ongoing
Location: Filmed in Kathmandu, Produced in the UK for the World Wide Web

While working with our partner NGO's we've been introduced to the startling impact of prescription drugs being smoked, swallowed or injected. Many are illegal in Nepal, but purchased over the counter in India and smuggled back to Kathmandu. Completely unknown cocktails of drugs are causing a multitude of medial and social problems. HIV within the drug using population is rising and incidents of Hepatitis C are almost 95%.

Drug rehab and drop in centres are often staffed by volunteers, many of whom are reformed ex-users keen to make a difference. What many of these inspiring individuals lack is proper training, and the target communities often do not address the issues early enough due to shame.

Together with Youth Vision we will be creating a short pilot film to A) Be shown to parents and B) Shown in schools to address the issue of awareness , social stigma and provide knowledge of the triggers, effects and preventative measures. Once the pilot has been aired and feedback gained we will be hoping to support Youth Vision in gaining funding for to create a national level digital media campaign across all social media platforms using the pilot as a starting block to develop a more thorough guide for users, ex-users, parents and teachers.

Are you a film maker interested in being involved? Email

Project: Mooncup; Female Health Project
Date: 7th March 2016 - Ongoing
Location: Gaati Village, Maandra Village, Gaati VDC, Sindupalchok District - Mamkha Village, Ward 1, Mamkha VDC, Okhuldhunga

The Nepal Earthquake Recovery Fund in partnership with Mooncup Ltd is bringing women and girls in Nepal an eco-friendly and safe option during their menstrual cycles. Challenges associated with menstruation cycles can be a cause of school absence, as well as a financial burden.

Previously, NERF has researched, collated and provided WASH training material to our partner Play for Deprived Children Nepal (PDCN) and it has funded the donation of sanitary products to girls in schools in the district of Okhaldhunga.  

However, we would like to provide our beneficiaries with an environmentally friendly product which is also safe and healthy for women and girls, and addresses the challenges and barriers they face in Nepal during their menstrual cycles.

The initial phase of this project, starting in March 2016, will train women's groups and health workers, who will later introduce the Mooncup to their peers, friends and schoolgirls. Mooncup Ltd has provided NERF with subsidised Mooncups and NERF is covering all the costs for the initial phase. We will count on the generosity of our donors to complete the future phases of the project and we have organised a comedy night in London on July the 6th to raise funds for this initiative. We have now introduced the Mooncup to girls in schools in the districts of Okhaldhunga and Sindhulpalchowk.

Mooncup Ltd was established in 2002, with a mission to make women's experience of menstruation more positive, healthy and eco-friendly.  We're really excited to be bringing this new solution to new beneficiaries in rural communities.

2017 Update: As this project has continued we have been receiving and assessing feedback from all three communities. In response to their needs and requests we are developing a Kathmandu based Menstrual Health Team who will be able to travel to the field and answer questions on all aspects of female health.

In addition, we have begun working with a new partner, Youth Vision, providing Mooncups to HIV positive trafficked women. It has now finished its first trial phase and is expanding the distribution of Mooncups.

Project: Community Centre Development Project
Date: 4th February 2016 - Ongoing
Location: Mamkha Village, Mamkha VDC, Okhuldhunga District

Together with PDCN, NERF will be funding the construction of a Community Centre. The community members will undertake the physical construction themselves. This community centre will serve as a hub for self-governance activities, training sessions, workshops and volunteers. Once this centre has been completed the next tier of activities in Mamkha will be planned and implemented. During the same period PDCN will be continuing the construction and upgrading of sports facilities and infrastructure to support the overall education initiative. NERF will be visiting the site in March to conduct the official handover to the community, monitor and evaluate the progress and plan future activities.

2017 Update: Due to the original agricultural group leader's ailing health this project has been delayed, due to a lack of local raw materials and transport routes. In order to avoid any waste the resources supplied to complete the building have been re-purposed for a volunteer centre run by PDCN to support additional educational activities in the local school. We'll be monitoring the project as PDCN take over the construction following their construction of a new road to facilitate delivery of new materials.

Project: Field visits to Nepal
Date: 13th - 22nd November 2015 / March, April and May 2016 / October and November 2016 / March and April 2017 (Ongoing developments)
Location: Kathmandu Valley and Sindhupalchok District

NERF trustees spent 10 days out in the field in Nepal in mid-November 2015. The aim of this trip was to reinforce our links with local grass-roots partners on the ground, monitor and evaluate the success of our ongoing projects, deliver new material support and find new opportunities for sustainable, long-term, community-driven recovery projects that adhere to our core values of transparency, accountability, kindness, collaboration, interaction, and grass roots engagement.

We met local charity directors and volunteers to ensure our involvement in the country continues with Nepali needs as the first and foremost consideration. These strong links to communities on-the-ground were maintained as we headed out into the field - visiting local families in remote and marginalised regions of Sindhupalchok and the Kathmandu Valley which have been, and will continue to be, the main focus of our recovery efforts. The residents of these villages will continue to take great satisfaction from being the core proponents of long-term-focused redevelopment. We checked up on projects that were already implemented, and found new opportunities for partnerships and the investment of funds. 

2017 Update: We'll be updating the blog for the most recent developments in Nepal as two of the trustees monitor and evaluate existing projects, continue the next phases of existing ones and begin planning new interventions and support for 2017. We're also looking to develop new partnerships for NERF to plug in their contacts, experience and resources to cover more remote areas.

Project: Long-term educational support for villages and surrounding communities
Partners: Children's Partner Nepal
Date: July 2015- Ongoing
Location: Gaathi and Mandra Villages, Wards 7 and 9, Gaathi VDC, Sindhupalchok

Our main area of independent focus is the Sindhupalchok region, where 96% of houses were severely damaged or destroyed. From financial and material support, capacity building activities, fundraising events & auctions in the UK, we are directing our support as agreed by the community while safeguarding the integrity of the project by working in staged phases in planning, financing and implementation. After our most recent operation we are now coordinating to support a Library and Learning Centre, dedicated to a local 16 year-old-boy who lost his life in the first quake.  It will provide educational resources, laptops and overnight facilities for students who have to travel long distances from surrounding villages for school.
Do you have an old laptop or desktop PC you don't want or need? Drop us an email. . . 

2017 Update: We are continuing to work in this region, including providing books, clothing and medical supplies. As this community is recovering at a reasonable pace through discussions with the community we will be finalising the current projects and then continuing to travel and work with villages further up the mountain from Gaathi and Maandra. The community have been resounding  in informing us that those in the more remote villages are even more in need, and that they would be happy for us to begin working with them.

Post Field Trip Update: We will be running a Shoe, Sock and Cold Cream distribution in an extremely poor community higher up the mountain, where many children lack proper foot-ware, and cold-burns blight the faces of dozens of children for half the year.

Project: Provision of educational support for children and teachers and capacity building for partners
Partners: Childrens Partner Nepal (CAP) and Professor Sean Watts
Date: 25th September 2015- Onwards
Location: Manichood, Bajrayogini VDC, Kathmandu District

Together with CAP Nepal, and with pro-bono consultation from Professor Sean Watts, we will be supporting the raising of funds for the supply of school materials for 61 children and teachers in hill regions extremely devastated by the earthquakes. Nearly every child and teacher has lost their home, school, books, stationery and uniforms. To provide everything for the short term educational recovery will cost around £2000. We will also assisting in monitoring, delivery and capacity building for our Nepali partners and teachers to ensure they are better able to source their own funds and deliver the much needed educational catch-up effectively. This will include continued supply of resource and updating of training materials and best practices for beneficiaries and partners.

2017 Update: To assess and address the needs of this area thoroughly and in a local manner we have trained local volunteers to collect data, interview sensitively and run a workshop for local teachers, health workers and youth group members. We're looking to support their assessment of needs and provide materials as required.

Collapsed Homes - Damaged School Building - Children Holding Educational Messages - School Site

Project: Funding mobilisation, project building, and monitoring & evaluation of an upcoming Sports, Education and Health Program.
Partners: Play for Deprived Children Nepal
Date: Currently collating data, implementation TBA.
Location: Mamkha VDC, Okhaldhunga District, Nepal

NERF will be providing grant and funding application assistance to another like-minded Nepali NGO, Play for Deprived Children Nepal. Once funding has been won NERF will provide technical assistance, conduct Monitoring & Evaluation and enhance value for money for donors by aiming to build a long term replicable model with multiple supporting government and non-government agencies. This model will focus on education through sports, while promoting and helping coordinate the knock on benefits to the wider community of increased support from state and non-state actors.

2017 Update: Work in this community is continuing, including the supply of laptops, benches and electronics for a new computer lab, sports kits for school boys and girls and assessments of new water access opportunities.