Where do my donations go?
Your donations go directly to help our projects in Nepal. NERF does not spend donors' money on fundraising admin costs or events.


Does NERF give grants to UK institutions?
NERF does not give grants to UK institutions but only to Nepali NGO’s. However, NERF does partner with UK organisations that operate in Nepal.


Are NERF’s projects solely earthquake related?
No, through our Constitution we are allowed to go out of the scope of earthquake recovery as long as our projects are aimed at improving the lives of the Nepali population. This can be done through improvements in education, access to water, donation of basic necessities, etc. 

4             What is NERF’s local presence in Nepal?
                NERF has a regularly Nepalbased trustee, two permanent local team members who                                             support us with our projects on the ground and a small but growing network of                                                   trained volunteers. Also, staff from our local partners work collaboratively with                                                     NERF on our all projects.