NERF complaints and feedback procedure

We take all complaints seriously as they provide us with the insight we need to develop and maintain the high standards we strive to achieve and ensure that are values are adhered to.

We also recognise that we may get things wrong on occasion. Your feedback will be essential in helping us to address any issues rapidly and ensure that we improve the way we operate.

1. Who can raise a complaint?

Our complaints procedure is available to any of our beneficiaries, volunteers or anyone who receives services through our fundraising activities including the online shop.

You should share your concerns or register a complaint with us if you are dissatisfied with any aspect of our services or activities.

2. What will happen after I complain?

We will strive to acknowledge your complaint within seven working days of receipt and we will tell you who will be dealing with the matter and when you can expect a full response.

We will respect your confidentiality and keep your complaint confidential to NERF Trustees. There may however be occasions when we cannot provide absolute confidentiality. This may for example arise in circumstances where a child or vulnerable adult may be at risk of harm. In these circumstances, our safeguarding procedures will take precedence over this procedure and any relevant information will be shared with relevant authorities concerned in the safety and welfare of our beneficiaries and/or volunteers.

We will handle all information in line with our Privacy Statement.

3. How to make a complaint to NERF?

Please submit your concerns through a form which can be reached via the button form below. We will also arrange appropriate support, translation or interpretation services to ensure equal access to this procedure for all.